• Xrite EasyTrax 2Set

    Equipment to produce standarized optimal concentration, dot gain, gray balance, and left and right balanced of the production of printed materials. video_view

    Xrite 530 colorimeters 4set

    Lab, Whiteness and various numerical data of prints can be measured and managed.video_view

    Heidel Axis Automatic Key System

    Built in Heidel printing equipment to measure the output of printing and automatically adjust the ink keys.video_view

    Xrite IC PlateII CTP plate meter

    Equipment is able to maintain a constant concentration of CTP plate CTP plate to measure the concentration of dots in.video_view

    Xrite Light Booth

    To eliminate errors due to ambient lighting, providing standard light source such as D50, D65, UV and determining the accurate color.video_view

    i1 Pro

    Xrite's color measurement equipment - used to measure the quality of your prints, produce the profile and for the monitor calibration.video_view